Miss Hardman's Visit - September 2015

Day 1

Hi all, I hope everyone is ok back at Chapelford.

It has been my first day at Sunshine Primary School. Our partnership school is a private school so the children are very lucky to be there as their parents pay a lot of money to send them to such a beautiful school. When we arrived, we were welcomed with a flag raising ceremony. This is where all the children and staff come together at the start of every Monday morning to raise the Chinese flag outside the school. Every school in China does this to show unity as a country. We were then given flowers and a Chinese poem to welcome us to their school. Afterwards, we were able to watch a Kung Fo P.E. lesson which I joined in with very unsuccessfully and then we watched an arts lesson where the children created their own mandarin style dress.

For lunch we were taken to a Chinese village where we were treated to traditional Chinese food. We ate cold noodles and boiled pancakes. Such beautiful food but it was very hard to eat with chopsticks... Our Chinese friends were laughing at me. 

I can't wait to work with the children again in the morning.  I’ll keep you posted. 
Miss Hardman 


Day 2

This morning we were very lucky to visit another primary school in the area of Xi'an. This school wasn't a private school, it was a public school funded by the government. It was a huge primary school, even bigger than some of our high schools in Warrington. They have different classrooms to teach different lessons e.g. Art, Science and Music. These classrooms had fantastic resources for the children to use in their learning. We were lucky enough to watch an English lesson. This was a grade 4 class (9-10 year olds) and the children were able to speak basic English with confidence. They were learning about the days of the week and they had to talk about the activities they did at a weekend. The teacher taught at the front of the class using a microphone so that all the children could hear him clearly, there were 50 children in his class. 

After school I was invited to the head masters house for a Chinese buffet. His name is Mr Dong, his wife Mary was very excited that we were invited to her house. She cooked a beautiful meal with lots of different vegetable starters including black eggs, tofu and Chinese dumplings. Mary taught me how to make Chinese dumplings and towards the end I was able to make them quickly but not nearly as good as her. It was lovely to see how they live. They were so welcoming that I felt like I was at home. 

I’ll keep you posted about tomorrow. 

Miss Hardman 


Day 3

When we arrived at school this morning another teacher and I read a story to grade 2 children (age 7-8). We read ' We're Going On A Bear Hunt'. We read this story to them so that the children could join in with the repetitive sentences. We used pictures of the different settings to support them in joining in with the actions. Some children joined in with the story very quickly and they were able to repeat the book back to us. 

Afterwards, the teachers wanted us to do a presentation about schools in England and we talked about the similarities and differences with schools in China.

In the afternoon we drove out of the city and went to the countryside. The area we went to was called Shannxi. It was at the bottom of a mountain where lots of older, local people live.  Locals cook food for people in their homes and people sit out in their courtyards to eat the food. As we were eating a man came and sang for us in a traditional Chinese outfit. It was great to be part of the Shanxxi traditional culture. 

See you all soon. 

Miss Hardman