Equality & Diversity

Our diversity champions have a very special job today. They will be reporting on My World, Your World Day throughout the school. Children will be enjoying English, drama and art lessons looking at equality and diversity.
Rainbow stickers are being given to children today for any work that demonstrates equality and diversity. Maddie from class 19 was the first person to receive one of the stickers. She wrote a speech about peace and justice when year 6 were looking at global goals. She was inspired by Martin Luther King Jr's I Have A Dream speech.
Let's Be Kids joined us for our My World, Your World Day. The children created posters and celebrated their differences and also looked at British values.
In English, Year 5 children looked at How To Heal A Broken Wing. They made an emotion graph looking at Will’s and the bird’s feelings, who are characters in the book. At the start, the children felt sad because the bird is injured but at the end of the story Will saves him.
Lauren Smith, a human rights lawyer, came in to talk to year 3 and 4 about her job. She represents children’s human rights and she has previously represented people in prison and also patients in mental health hospitals. She is passionate about equality and she talked about the gender pay gap as well as different countries having different human rights. Lauren said there are 14 human rights and she spent the morning visiting different classes to talk in more detail about them.
Year 3 made a rainbow of different ways to say hello. They looked at many different languages around the world and using coloured strips of paper they created a rainbow.
Year 2 looked at the story of Cinderella and how the step sisters make the title character feel like an outsider. The children created freeze frames during their drama session to highlight how upset Cinderella feels when her step family treat her badly and they also hot seated the character of the ugly step sister.
EYFS children learnt that families can be big or small and even though they might live far away they still love us. They learnt to respect each other and always be kind. They also looked at saying hello in different languages.
Children throughout the school designed their own butterflies in their art sketchbooks. The focus was on creating one half of the butterfly and trying to replicate the pattern on the other side, but it didn’t matter if they weren’t the same. The finished butterflies will form a new display in the hall.
Year one wrote poems and drew pictures about their families. They shared their work with their friends and talked about what was the same and what was different.

Equality and Diversity at Chapelford Village Primary School


Chapelford Village  Primary School has planned for long-term coverage of all aspects of equality and diversity. This coverage is constantly reviewed, updated and referenced on our curriculum planning documents so that we can take into account our rapidly changing community/world and different learning opportunities that may arise under these areas.


Below is a selection of activities within our school that address our children’s development of equality:​

Harvest Celebrations
Breakfast Club

Netball on healthy schools week

Dance classes on Healthy Schools Week

Sport Day – Inclusion for all

Wheel Chair Awareness Sessions

Pupil Voice Positions – Ambassadors, School Council, Head Boy and Head Girl


Below is a selection of activities within our school that address our children’s development of diversity:

Multi Faith Role Models visiting school

Multi-Cultural Arts and Music performing African music

Multi-Cultural Arts and Music

Bullying Pledge

Delivering to local businesses.

Christmas Celebrations

Forest Club

Non Gender Specific Sports Teams including Cross country and football team

E-safety Assembly
Music Lessons
Parent Workshops

Celebrating a diverse range of talents and interests Girls football team

Sign Language sessions