Equality & Diversity

Congratulations to the successful candidates in year three who have been chosen to join the equality and diversity team. The children had clearly worked hard on their applications and made the decision difficult for Mrs Prescott and Miss Stebbings. Well done to Hattie, Keira and Romaysa, who are pictured with current members Erin and Lily.

Diversity champions have been busy looking at the fantastic equality and diversity work across the school.

EYFS have a lovely message to share

Year 2 enjoyed reading the equality and diversity text My Princess Boy. We discussed the importance of the message 'celebrating being unique' and our understanding of acceptance.
The equality and diversity team are excited to welcome the Year 3 successful applicants to join in team activities on Friday afternoon.
The Diversity Team met for the last meeting of the Year. We discussed our achievements particularly the success of My World Your World Day. As a team we are looking forward to the next academic year where we hope to move forward together as we grow and develop our ideas for the school.
Chapelford roads to respect!
Can you name all ten??
We are excited to share the children's inspirational designs across the school this week.

Year one, were excited to explore the new roads to respect corridors.

We talked about the language used on the signs and how it made us feel#wellbeing#emotions#mindfulness#kindness#diversity#inclusion.

EYFS enjoyed exploring the Chapelford corridors and learning about the meaning of the road to respect.
Harvest Celebrations
Breakfast Club

Netball on healthy schools week

Dance classes on Healthy Schools Week

Sport Day – Inclusion for all

Wheel Chair Awareness Sessions

Pupil Voice Positions – Ambassadors, School Council, Head Boy and Head Girl


Below is a selection of activities within our school that address our children’s development of diversity:

Multi Faith Role Models visiting school

Multi-Cultural Arts and Music performing African music

Multi-Cultural Arts and Music

Bullying Pledge

Delivering to local businesses.

Christmas Celebrations

Forest Club

Non Gender Specific Sports Teams including Cross country and football team

E-safety Assembly
Music Lessons
Parent Workshops

Celebrating a diverse range of talents and interests Girls football team

Sign Language sessions