Grandparent's Afternoon 2019

4th October 2019

Grandparents’ afternoon is always a special celebration in school as it allows children the chance to spend time with their grandparents and share their learning. This year’s event was no exception and it was a huge success.

Grandparents of children in years four, five and six were invited into school on Friday, October 4 to spend time in the classroom and also to enjoy a few treats in the hall.

Year four children were busy making Roman soldiers from paper, designing their own family shield and creating symmetrical Roman mosaic patterns with their grandparents. Eryn from class 15 said: “My nan and grandad came in to see me for the afternoon. My favourite part was getting to know other friends’ grandparents.”

Year five children challenged their grandparents to traditional board games like Connect Four and Guess Who. They also interviewed their visitors about what life was like when they were younger. Nirek from class 16 said: “I enjoyed learning about what life was like when our grandparents were the same age as us. It was really interesting.”

Year six children teamed up with their grandparents to take part in a geography quiz. The competition involved trying to guess which flag belonged to which country, identifying countries from their outline on a map and trying to think of a country for every letter of the alphabet. Bonus points were given for the most unusual answers! Phoebe from class 21 said: “I really enjoyed playing the games with my friends and my grandparents together. Our favourite was the one where we had to guess what a picture was that had been jumbled up.”

Grandparents were all treated to cups of tea and coffee in the hall accompanied by a choice of cakes and biscuits while they were entertained by the Key Stage Two choir. The children performed some of their favourite songs which included A Million Reasons and Skin.


By Spencer and Chloe, Chapelford News Team