It is essential that our children understand and appreciate History in order for them recognise the role the past has to play in shaping the present and the future. The development of historical skills is fundamental to our children’s learning and they build upon these through our Learning Challenge  work.

There is a structured programme throughout the school where learning is encouraged through the use of a wide range of primary and secondary sources. Through studies of significant periods of British history and Ancient civilisations our children develop historical skills. They gain a knowledge and understanding of people and places of the past along with a timeline of major events and civilisations.

History and Geography Week

As a school we focused on a different decade throughout time. We looked at major events around the world that took place. We also looked at fashion, toys, technology, music, politics and family life. At the end of the week the school came together in fancy dress to share our learning. Children dressed up as influential people of their decade or wore particular fashion. 


EYFS:  We focussed on the year the children were born 2013-2014


Year 1: Warrington through time


Year 2: 1980’s around the world


Year 3: 1970’s around the world


Year 4: 1960’s around the world


Year 5: 1950’s around the world


Year 6: 1940’s round the world

Useful Websites
Historical Pictures
17th July 1955
Look at the picture. Can you guess what might have happened on this day?
Knowledge Mats
Pupil Voice
History Skills explored through outdoor learning.

During our visit to Beeston Castle, we talked about the advantages of castles and where they are built.  We decided that the enemy would be extremely tired, hungry and thirsty after walking for miles with heavy armour.

We also completed activities looking at different jobs inside the castle, defence and attack strategies that were used and identified definitions for vocabulary related to castles.

Examples of History
Examples of History