“The only way to learn maths is to do maths”.  


At Chapelford Primary School we understand the importance of maths in life and are committed to ensuring that every child leaves Chapelford with confidence in the subject and a sound mathematical knowledge. We teach daily maths lessons in the classroom taking account of every type of learner and making maths fun and engaging at all levels. We follow the C-P-A approach in our teaching of Mathematics. The C-P-A approach stands for Concrete - Pictorial – Abstract. This means that throughout the school, we see children using concrete equipment such as cubes, toy people and animals, as well as pictures of things and number lines, to support their understanding of more abstract concepts.

Maths Week 

During Maths Week, Chapelford took part in a wide range of activities! To start our celebrations we started with a whole school Countdown competition. The teachers were challenged by the children to compete in a Countdown battle and the winner was given the opportunity to become Rachel Riley. The children then worked on their Countdown mental maths skills throughout the week ready for their own competition.



On Monday we all became rappers! Each class were given their own times table to investigate and then write their own rap song about it. We had to find links to other times tables and come up with a catchy rhyme. Visit Facebook to see our videos! 


On Tuesday, we became engineers! We had to use our maths, science and creativity to design and build amazing structures. We could only use newspaper and cellotape. Some classes built boats whilst others built bridges! Take a look at our innovative creations.


On Wednesday, we became programmers! We had to use our maths knowledge of turns, direction and angles to direct ourselves through a maze. We competed in our maths teams to see who could reach the end the fastest. However, we could only carry out the movements our programmer was telling us! After our real life maze, we came back and made our own! We either drew one, built one or even programmed one on Scratch! Take a look at how we got on and even try one of our maze games.


On Thursday, we became accountants! We had to use all of our four operations, fractions, percentages and problem solving to plan a trip to the theatre! See how our plan went.



On Friday, we became artists! We took inspiration from many artist who used maths in their work such as Durer, Escher and many more! Check out our own inspirations.

Maths Working Walls & School Maths Displays
"Our working wall helps us because we can see good examples" Year 4
"We have tips on the maths working wall to help us solve our maths challenges". Year 4
"The Working Wall helped me spell the months of the year". Year 2
Examples of work for EYFS
Maths working areas in EYFS
"I love maths because every day we learn something new". Year 1
"Maths helped me in my science learning as I knew how to measure a ml". Year 2
"We used maths skills in our topic learning as we had to work out the maths clues to help us guide Hercules through Troy". Year 3
" We use the IPADs after 4 a Day to practice our Times Tables. We have fun but learn t the same time" Year 4