Meet The Teacher

You will find a short video from your new class teacher in the section below.  Our teachers are disappointed that they can not meet you face to face as they normally would but they very excited to meet you all in September.

Class 4
Miss Whittle

Class 5
Mrs Duncan

Class 6
Mrs Grice

Class 7
Miss Rush

Class 8
Miss Webb

Class 9
Miss Barber

Class 10
Mrs Astley

Class 11
Miss Brennan

Class 12
Miss Pearson

Class 13
Miss Ward

Class 14
Mrs Turnbull

Class 15
Mrs Bracegirdle

Class 16
Miss McLindon

Class 17
Mrs Gaulton

Class 18
Miss Rawcliffe

Class 19
Miss Anson

Class 20
Miss Gill

Class 21
Miss Brownbill