Messages from Mrs Hewson

Mrs Hewson would like to use this page to keep in touch with all of the pupils at Chapelford Village Primary School.  She will share photographs, videos and messages from home.  Please check back regularly for updates.  

Good morning everyone,

Well today we are nearing the end of week 5 working and learning from home - so well done on how far you have come - I know from speaking to your teachers that you are all doing really well with the activities and learning we are putting on the school website and that you are most of all staying safe.

Life for me at home is interesting!  Sam, my big boy, is also working at home so we are keeping each other company and sharing the coffee making while we work  but, I do miss school, all the staff at  and most of all  you -  lots!  

This week I have been working with Miss. Brownbill in further developing your learning and what we have available on the school website so take a good look because there are lots of great things to keep you occupied and entertained there. Your teachers are being superstars and working really hard too.  They are helping to keep you learning and interested while this time passes - but you are all great independent learners so I know that you will all be working hard!

When I’ve not been working I have been out walking Reggie with Mr.Hewson making sure we stay at least 2m away from anybody when we are out. Reggie has enjoyed some walks near to where we live and I’ve enjoyed taking some pictures.   And yesterday he need to have a bath - I ended up more wet than him!  Take a look!

One evening we saw a beautiful sunset and I’m very proud of the picture I managed to take…

I have also been taking some time to bake at home which is something new for me and Mr Hewson and Sam have been enjoying the cakes and scones.  We have also been sharing them with our neighbours who are elderly and can’t get out much - they have been enjoying the cakes lots and they have brought a smile to their day!  This is a good time to learn a new skills so next week why not have at think about something new you could learn!  When we get back to school you can tell me all about your new talents!

Next week I have set myself the challenge of preparing a video message to you all - I’m going to get my hair done and get my lip stick on so I don’t scare you all and try my first video message - so keep an eye out. I think Miss. Brownbill is probably  going to have to help me out with that!

Have a good weekend - keep helping your families and most of all stay home and stay safe. You are doing really well and we are all very proud of you.

Take care,

Mrs Hewson