Pecuniary and business interests

Pecuniary and buiness interests
Any governor is required to declare any pecuniary and business interests that they have. Governors are then unable to take part in any discussions/decisions that they have a pecuniary interest in.
These are reviewed and declared by governors on an annual basis, but are also part of the standard agenda at every governing body meeting, to enable governors to declare any interets to any specific agenda items.
 Name  Date Reviewed  Name and Nature of Business  Date Acqd/Date of Entry Date Ceased 
 Steve Tottie  September 2017  Related to DHT    
 Joe Ashton  September 2017  Nil    
 Nicky Parkinson  March 2018 Nil    
 Clive Stannard  September 2017  Nil    
 Heather Da Luz Vieira  September 2017  Nil    
 Helen Buckley  September 2017  Nil    
Charlie Woan  September 2017  Nil    
 Joanne Hewson  September 2017  Nil    
Laura Tottie September 2017 Related to COG    
Clare Earps September 2017 Related to Lauren Earps    
John Worrall September 2017 Nil    
Ian Farrar September 2016 relationship with member of staff    
Ann Marie Worrall
Emma Norman
March 2017