PSHE is a subject through which pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe whilst also preparing them for life and work in modern Britain. At Chapelford, we successfully incorporate elements of PSHE into all areas of learning. This cross-curricular learning can be is evident in daily learning, enhancement days, themed weeks and KidSafe sessions. Together we can tackle barriers to learning and raise aspirations. Children are encouraged to reflect on their own learning and personal experiences and to set personal goals with strategies to reach them. This enables them to build self-esteem, resilience, empathy and develops them into well-rounded citizens of the future. We believe the children at Chapelford develop positive relationships, respect differences, develop independence and responsibility and they admire their own abilities and those of others.

We have received PLATINUM the highest Wise Up Award. The judges were blown away by Chapelford stating 'we might need to make a Diamond award next year'. The outstanding work we have created for anti-bullying and hate crime is exceptional! We could not be any prouder of our kind-hearted, respectful and supportive pupils. One Team, One Family. Chapelford Village.
As part of our Anti-Bullying Week 2019 Faisal Rashid joined our Equality & Diversity Team to open our new diversity corridors, 'believe boulevard' and 'Diversity Drive'. The children had a question and answer session with Mr Rashid where they had prepared questions to ask about the importance of being kind and and the role diversity plays in his job.
We were lucky enough to celebrate Lucy's Blue Day with Chris Duke. He came and spoke to us about his backstory and how he created his book. He read his book 'Lucy's Blue day' to us and we discussed mental health with the KS2 children in a light, simple and interactive child-friendly way. 
As our Wise Up Award shows, at Chapelford Village Primary School we are committed to an environment of mutual respect and equality for all. Each year we hold an Anti Bullying Week. Over a full week children explore their own safety including e-safety, staying safe and what consitutes bullying - all this work is to ensure that we maintain an anti bullying culture at Chapelford Village Primary School and respect diversity.
Anti-bullying week 2018

During Anti-Bullying Week 2018, Chapelford Village Primary School decided to make a lasting impression on their pupils and the village that they live in. For many years Chapelford has been recognised for their excellent work on Anti-Bullying and has achieved gold award in the ‘Warrington Wise up Awards’ for several years. This year the school decided that they wanted to spread their message further so our School Councillors contacted local businesses, schools and places of interest to join with them in making a ‘Zero Tolerance to Bullying Pledge’. The pledge showed a full commitment to:

  • Educating pupils, teachers, parents and members of the community of the differences between minor friendship issues and bullying
  • Ensuring we are developing a culture where whistle blowing and disclosing bullying incidents are seen as everyone’s responsibility
  • Dealing with any incidents of bullying or minor friendship issues and making every attempt to ensure this is stopped and does not reoccur

 The children at Chapelford were delighted with the response from local businesses in our community. We would like to thank: Sculpt Hair and Beauty, Explore Learning, Park Road Primary School and Great Sankey High School for taking part in this pledge. We congratulate you in committing to making our village a happier and safer place to live, work and thrive in. 

 To raise the profile of this message Chapelford dressed the village in multi-coloured ribbons alongside giving these to our partners to wear. This included post boxes, lamp posts, railings as well as the doors of the business, schools and places of interest taking part in the pledge. The children and teachers also wore the rainbow ribbons throughout the whole week.

If anyone is interested in joining us please contact the school office for more details. 

Chapelford Village Primary School Bullying Pledge

At Chapelford Village Primary we…believe that everybody has the right to live in a community where they feel safe, included, valued and accepted regardless of their differences. We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying. We don’t suffer in silence we always tell somebody.

We are kind to everyone and we respect and love each other’s differences. We appreciate diversity. We stand up against bullying wherever and whenever we see it. Hate crime isn’t accepted and we understand the importance of tackling this within our community.

November 2018

Pupil Work
Pupil Voice

"I enjoyed the balloon release in Anti-Bullying Week because we attached messages to spread far and wide about how we were tackling bullying in Chapelford. I enjoy being in the school council because we can do lots of activities"


"I loved the duck race for Children in Need we had never done anything like that before it was awesome"