Chapelford Village Primary School

Current Improvement Priorities

Purple = Whole School Priorities

Blue = Reading Priorities

Attitudes to Reading

We regularly conduct pupil voice to gain an understanding of how our children feel about reading. Across the school, our children have really positive attitudes towards reading. It is clear that they get great enjoyment from reading books and enjoy spending time both in our high quality Reading Areas and school library.

Reading for enjoyment is a feature of our Guided Reading sessions. Within this we provide the opportunity for all children to spend time reading a text of their choice, whether from an identified range of books, or simply choosing a text they enjoy from the Reading Area.

Promoting Reading through Displays

Across the school, we endeavour to promote a love of reading of all our children in many ways. One of which is through our displays. We ensure that a range of topic and information books are incorporated into their displays for other areas of the curriculum, such as Geography and History, for example. This encourages children to further broaden their knowledge and reading of a particular topic or subject area.

We also try to include books by the same author as the text being studied in English, to encourage children to broaden their reading horizons and provide opportunities for them to read a variety of titles by an author whose work they enjoy.