School Improvement Priorities

At Chapelford Village Primary School, we continue to strive to improve and develop in our vision to become an exceptional school. Our School Improvement Plan (SIP) sets out priorities that we want to achieve over the academic year. We would like to share our priorities with you and explain what we are doing to achieve these, and how you can support the school to meet our goals.


Our SIP priorities for 2019 – 2020 are as follows:

Quality of Education


Through Quality First Teaching further develop consistency and secure high standards of work and expectations in all lessons in ALL subjects across the school to develop fluency to apply their knowledge as skills.


Behaviour and Attitudes


To further develop consistency in pupil’s behaviour and attitudes ensuring that all pupils demonstrate respect for diversity and difference in all forms across the school.  As a result, all pupils show high levels of self-control and positive attitudes to their education.


Personal Development


To further extend the personal development of all pupils to ensure that they have access to wide and rich opportunities that strengthen the school’s curriculum offer and continues to develop pupil’s character.


Leadership and Management


To ensure that all subject leaders are relentless in maintaining high quality monitoring evaluation and review for further developing the quality of teaching, learning and pupil’s outcomes in ALL subjects.


Early Years


To further develop the indoor and outdoor learning environment is fully accessed by pupils and provides exceptional and challenging learning opportunities which fully develop all the characteristics of effective learning.


How parents can support our priorities?

We believe that having the support of parents is vital in achieving our priorities and securing the improvement of the school.

Parents can support our priorities by ensuring that children attend school each day and are punctual, arriving at school on time to start their learning, so that they receive their full educational entitlement.  Parents can also support their child’s learning by accessing and using the school’s website which is full of relevant and important information about your child’s current curriculum learning and other useful learning support tools.

You can help us further develop an exceptional school by promoting the school’s ethos:

  • Learn, Achieve Respect.