In Science our children are given opportunities to ask questions, explore and investigate their world, helping them to acquire scientific knowledge, understanding and skills. Their investigations and experiences enable them to plan, predict, hypothesise, observe, measure and draw conclusions. Through science they can experience the challenge and excitement of discovery. The children also have the opportunity to use ICT for research and the presentation of data. We have a variety of excellent resources within school closely tailored to our curriculum, including an ever growing suite of iPads.


We have amazing scientists in our school!
“We enjoy science and exploring all aspects”.

Take a look at our engaging science week pictures and the science that we achieve across the year.

Science Week 2020
 Our focus this year was exploring the diversity across the planet and across science careers.
We transformed each of our seven year groups into one of the seven continents to really dive into what diversity across the planet looked like. This included a special visit from Zoo2U to meet animals from each continent. KS2 also had special visits from the manager of global engineering company Shell, a nuclear physicist, an immunologist and managers from the global technology organisation, ABB.
Science Week 2019
Last year, we looked at the impact plastic is having on our environment. The week consisted of exploring what is happening to our oceans and why we should protect them. We discussed what changes we could make to improve our planet. The week involved an under the sea visit from a science dome for KS1, a virtual reality experience for KS2 and even receiving a letter from Sir David Attenborough himself!
Our Science Working Walls 
Pupil Voice
Science at Great Sankey High School 
"It was great to meet the teachers and do fun experiments"
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