Spelling Bee 2019

17th October 2019

Chapelford’s first school spelling bee took place this afternoon with highly competitive final rounds in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

Children in all classes have taken part in heats earlier in the week and a representative from each of the four house teams was chosen to compete in the final for each class.

Congratulations to all of the winners from each year group and a big well done to those children who made it to the final.


Year one winners were St George’s, second was St David’s and third was St Andrew’s. Well done to Esme, Mayama and William who spelled their words correctly, which included house, love, said, was and my.


St Patrick’s won the year two competition with St Andrew’s coming second and joint third were St David’s and St George’s. Well done to Laithan, Sam, Penny, Jessica, Thomas and Bertie who correctly knew how to spell children, floor, push, today, school, bath, they, where, most and told.


Year three winners were St Andrew’s and joint second were St Patrick’s, St George’s and St David’s. Well done to Amishkka, Halima, Kavya, Summer, Amelia and Adam, who knew how to spell answer, difficult, accident, build and actual.


Mason from class 13 was the winner of the year four spelling bee and earned 100 house points for St David’s. Caitlin from class 14 was second and was given 75 house points for St Andrew’s with Max from class 14 coming third and securing 50 house points for St George’s. The year four children were asked to spell occasionally, experiment, possession and muscle.


Isabel from class 17 was the winner of the year five spelling bee and was awarded 100 house points for St Andrew’s. Second place was Nirek from class 16 who bagged 75 points for St George’s and Max from class 17 came third and won 50 house points for St Andrew’s. The year five children were asked to spell occasionally, communicate, immediately, lightning, government and exaggerate.


Ava from class 21 was the winner of the year six spelling bee and was awarded 100 housepoints for St George’s. Zac from class 19 came second and secured 75 house points for St Patrick’s with Faye from class 21 coming third, earning 50 house points for St Andrew’s. The year six children were asked to spell temperature, neighbour and pronunciation.


By Chapelford News Team’s Isabelle and Maddie