Our Curriculum

At Chapelford Village Primary School it is our aim to give all our children the chance to learn, achieve and respect and develop a lifelong love of learning! It is vital to us that we provide our children with a purpose for learning, a love of learning and the tools needed in order to fulfill their potential in future years.

Throughout the time at school children are given wide-ranging experiences and opportunities to express themselves in every way. Their individual abilities and talents are identified, nurtured and developed, enabling them to achieve the very highest standards.

Quality first teaching and support at Chapelford Village ensures that every child is given equal attention suited to his or her individual needs. At all times our aim is the pursuit of excellence ensuring that children reach the highest standards of achievement possible.

Lessons are structured and challenging and are supported by excellent resources in all areas of the curriculum. In addition many visits and visitors enhance and enrich our children’s learning and add to our already exciting day-to-day curriculum. Targets and expectations are consistently high.

  The National Curriculum

Our Curriculum follows the new statutory National Curriculum programmes of study and attainment targets which were updated in July 2014. You can also view our school dairy, attend our celebration assemblies or view your children’s work during our drop in sessions throughout the academic year to find out more about our enriched curriculum. 

Changes to the Curriculum

September 2014 brought some drastic changes to the National Curriculum. In summary, it was made more challenging. Alongside the curriculum, schools were asked to design their own assessment system which would allow them to monitor progress and attainment towards the new Age Related Expectations.


Learning Challenge Curriculum

Our Learning Challenge Curriculum brings together other areas of our curriculum, including Science, Geography, History, Art, Design Technology and elements of Religious Education. We have designed our Learning Challenge Curriculum to ensure that pupil’s interest are developed through enquiry in order that they deliver every aspect of the National Curriculum on an annual basis in each year group.

 If you would like to find out more about our Learning Challenge Curriculum, please visit the class pages on our school website or speak to your child's teacher.