Our Curriculum

At Chapelford Village Primary School it is our aim to give all our children the chance to learn, achieve and respect and develop a lifelong love of learning! It is vital to us that we provide our children with a purpose for learning, a love of learning and the tools needed in order to fulfill their potential in future years.

Throughout the time at school children are given wide-ranging experiences and opportunities to express themselves in every way. Their individual abilities and talents are identified, nurtured and developed, enabling them to achieve the very highest standards.

Quality first teaching and support at Chapelford Village ensures that every child is given equal attention suited to his or her individual needs. At all times our aim is the pursuit of excellence ensuring that children reach the highest standards of achievement possible.

Lessons are structured and challenging and are supported by excellent resources in all areas of the curriculum. In addition many visits and visitors enhance and enrich our children’s learning and add to our already exciting day-to-day curriculum. Targets and expectations are consistently high.

  The National Curriculum

Our Curriculum follows the new statutory National Curriculum programmes of study and attainment targets which were updated in July 2014. You can also view our school dairy, attend our celebration assemblies or view your children’s work during our drop in sessions throughout the academic year to find out more about our enriched curriculum. 

Changes to the Curriculum

September 2014 brought some drastic changes to the National Curriculum. In summary, it was made more challenging. Alongside the curriculum, schools were asked to design their own assessment system which would allow them to monitor progress and attainment towards the new Age Related Expectations.


Learning Challenge Curriculum

Our Learning Challenge Curriculum brings together other areas of our curriculum, including Science, Geography, History, Art, Design Technology and elements of Religious Education. We have designed our Learning Challenge Curriculum to ensure that pupil’s interest are developed through enquiry in order that they deliver every aspect of the National Curriculum on an annual basis in each year group.

 If you would like to find out more about our Learning Challenge Curriculum, please visit the class pages on our school website or speak to your child's teacher.  


MFL – Modern Foreign Languages

All our children learn French. In Key Stage 1 children take part in a number of French lessons that fit into their topic work. During our weekly French lessons our Key Stage 2 children enjoy the opportunity to learn another language. The lessons introduce the basic skills of conversation as well as an ever increasing vocabulary of French words and phrases. Children are given many opportunities to practise their skills in different contexts – all fun – and, as with all our lessons, catering for a wide range of learning styles.


Religious Education

Religious Education offers rich experiences with opportunities for our children to develop their own beliefs, values and ideals. We sensitively study and explore world religions and foster a respect for all people, their beliefs, cultures and lifestyles through the Lancashire Scheme of Work (Warrington agreed syllabus). Our assemblies are a shared occasion, a time of collective worship when the school comes together to establish a feeling of oneness. Children whose parents do not wish them to participate in collective worship engage in learning activities appropriate to their needs.



Our Personal, Social And Health Education (PSHE) programmes reinforce and support parents in preparing their children for growing up. We teach about the nature and value of personal relationships, values and issues promoting citizenship. Visitors to Chapelford Village comment on the calm, nurturing ethos that is tangible across our school – we believe that this is exceptional and we are very proud of our whole school community and children that create this.

Our PSHE learning takes place weekly and is underpinned by our fortnightly values curriculum.  The PHSE curriculum is delivered in class and also through our assembly programme across the school.  In addition we also have curriculum enhancement days that promote various aspects of PHSE, values and citizenship.

Relevant social issues such as e safety, friendship, drug awareness, diversity and the importance of a healthy lifestyle become an integral and important part of our children’s learning. Our aim is to develop in our children a positive self-image, confidence and high self-esteem and recognition that our society includes everybody, thus developing an awareness of their own social responsibilities.



The Arts

As you walk into Chapelford Village Primary School you will immediately see that we celebrate and value the arts in all forms as part of our learning.


Painting, printing, collage, textiles and construction work are amongst the many exciting Art techniques offered to our children. We aim to give them visual and tactile experiences in order to develop their appreciation of the richness and diversity of art and artists, past and present, far and wide. They will learn about the works of artists and artistic styles. They will be introduced to the arts, crafts and designs of such cultures as those of ancient Egypt, Africa, Brazil, India and the Far East. There are opportunities to work individually, in groups and sometimes on large-scale projects.

Design Technology

Our children’s innate creativity and sensitivity is nurtured and developed to help them to express and communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas. We recognise that our children live in an increasingly technological age and every opportunity is provided to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills of Design and Technology.

Our design and technology-based topics stimulate the intellectual, innovative and creative abilities of our children. We foster learning through doing, which provides an excellent basis for enhancing and consolidating work in other areas of the curriculum. Our children develop their design and making skills using materials, tools, techniques and technological components. Through our Topics and a variety of projects our children can produce two dimensional designs and are then able to turn these designs into three-dimensional models, artefacts and products.


During Music lessons all children at Chapelford Village Primary School are given wide and varied opportunities to compose and perform music and songs. They learn to listen to, and appreciate, the music of many different composers from other cultures and other times, and to understand many aspects of musical theory. Through our partnership with Learn to Play Live, children also have the opportunity to learn to play musical instruments, such as ukulele and keyboard in whole class sessions.  Children have the opportunity to take part in African and Samba drumming lessons during their time in key stage 2. Through the course of their time with us they will have enjoyed, and often excelled at, a wide range of musical experiences, as well as demonstrating their skills in performances.  

Children in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 have the opportunity to join our school choirs.  The children take part in weekly rehearsals and are given regular opportunities to perform.  All children at Chapelford have the opportunity to take part in 1:1 and small group instrumental tuition with our music provider Learn to Play Live.