Web Filtering

Internet Safe Filtering and Monitoring


Filtering:  The school has a system, provided by the Multi Academy Trust ICT Partner in Education, Dataspire, called Securly.  This will block all traffic that comes through the school's network, including the school's wireless router, that is classified as inappropriate, according to an international classification system.  This includes classifications in multiple languages and images, covering a range of material, including extremism.

The school also uses an additional filtering system called Sophos which is provided by Abtec, who provide our Curriculum IT support.


Monitoring:  The school will monitor internet access by:

receiving reports on the most blocked websites from the school network and sharing this with Dataspire to assess the greatest risks and concerns.

  • Training children to report and respond to all reports of inappropriate content, informing Dataspire as necessary.
  • random reviewing of internet browsing histories.

Statement from Dataspire regarding Web Filtering

Rating for our Filtering Provider (Securly)