Year 4

Hi Year 4,

Don’t forget to share any exciting activities with your teacher as we are really enjoying keeping in touch with you all.  As always, if anyone has any questions, you can e mail your class teacher at any time: 

Mrs Bracegirdle –

Mrs Turnbull –

Miss Ward –

Mrs Bracegirdle has been very excited to watch some football matches and she particularly enjoyed watching Manchester United win!  She has also been doing lots of reading and relaxing.

Mrs Turnbull has been packing everything in her house, ready for her house move. She has been enjoying bbq’s and enjoyed taking her dad to Chester for fish and chips and a walk along the river for Father’s day.

This week Miss Ward has been doing lots of yoga this week to improve her flexibility.

Here are some things that you shared with us this week:

Chloe has been making the most of the sunshine and going on lots of bike rides to Sankey Valley.  Ben has been inspired by Luca and has been doing a Joe Wicks PE session every morning and Theo has been busy bsking and helping his dad to build a new decking area in his garden.

Evie-Mae has been very entrepenuerial over the last few weeks and has been making up pick and mix bags, selling them via the internet and then delivering them on her bike! What’s even more incredible is that she has been donating half of the profits to the NHS.

Freya has been busy preparing for her dance show which has been rearranged for christmas.  Jack has been keeping in touch with his friends on his X Box and doing lots of research about the Football Association and the FA Cup and Bella has been learning poetry and researching all about the digestive system and Roman Scotland. 

This week’s results are in!  The winners this week are class 13.  Well done!  Let’s get those figures back to over 50% next week in classes 14 and 15!  Each week, we will share the percentages for each class, along with the names of people who are using the app the most in each class.  When we are all back in school, the class who has won the most number of weeks will earn themselves a treat.  The top three people in each class who have used Times Tables Rockstars the most will also receive a treat.  So make sure you are logging on, completing activities and watch this space for your name next week! 

Don’t forget, we would also like you to send us some fun facts to share with everyone.  Thank you to Rebecca in class 13 for sharing her fun fact:  Did you know that we’ve been in lockdown longer than it is until September? Fascinating right? 

We’ve been in lockdown for 91 days now can you believe that? And its only 79 days until her birthday, which is the 9th September and also that’s around the time we are hopefully coming back to school.

This week’s facts are:

The name of the patient in the battery-operated game Operation is Cavity Sam.

A hippo can run faster than a man.

Water covers 70% of the earth.

Remember to e mail and keep in touch with your teacher, we look forward to hearing about what you are all getting up to over the next week.

Stay safe.  Mrs Bracegirdle, Mrs Turnbull and Miss Ward

Weekly Learning
The documents below outline the weekly learning for your year group.  Maths and English activities can be completed daily - children should be able to complete these independently.  The wider curriculum document contains curriculum based challenges which can be completed across a two week period.  

Resources to support the wider curriculum learning. 

The Maths and English sections below contain optional learning resources.  These can be used if children would like to develop their learning further.  The maths activities provided by First 4 Maths involve learning about maths in a fun and creative way.  The English documents offer a range of creative writing opportunities.  

Year 4 Maths

It is still important that in year 4 we carry on developing fluency with times tables - don't forget to access Times Tables Rockstars weekly to increase your speed.

White Rose Maths are releasing daily maths lessons during the school closure.  Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully.

Year 4 - Daily Maths Lesson

Year 4 English

Continue to read daily.  This should include: reading a book of your choice; reading a magazine or newspaper article and Reading Plus.  Complete a reading comprehension task daily if possible.  

When continuing your English learning at home, remember to include all elements like we would in school.  Remember to proof read your work, checking for any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors, make sure your writing makes sense and edit to correct and improve your work. 

A Suggested Timetable

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