Our school uniform is available to buy from three separate suppliers, Warrington School Wear,  MB Promo & SG Embroidery.

SG Embroidery are currently offering a 10% discount for the Months of January and February. Please enter code SG10% at the checkout!!

The school office holds a stock of water bottles, Beanie Hats, Book bags and PE Bags. These can be purchased at the office or on our ParentmailPMX shop.

  • Beanie Hat £ 5
  • Book Bag £5
  • PE Bag £4
  • Water Bottle £2

School footwear - Polite Request

The school uniform policy for pupil's footwear is black shows with a flat heal. This is to support the safety and well being of pupils. Sandals are not appropriate footwear for pupils in school. If children are wearing footwear other than "Black Shoes with a flat heal" then they will be asked to wear their P.E pumps for the duration of the school day. If pumps are not in school then parents will be contacted to bring in appropriate footwear.

The support of parents in ensuring school policy is adhered to is much appreciated.

School Uniform Documents

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Alfa Schoolwear

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