At Chapelford Village we are extremely fortunate to have a number of Wrap Around Care providers available onsite. 

Take a look at the sections below to get more information and find a provider that is right for you and your family.

Chapelford Village Nursery 


Chapelford Village Nursery and Link Club is a private setting based on the school grounds of Chapelford Village Primary School. We are open from 7:30 – 6pm,and provide care 51 weeks per year.

We have three offers

  • Education and Childcare for children aged 2-4
  • Breakfast and After School Care for children aged 2-11
  • Holiday club care for children aged 3-11



Recently graded Good by Ofsted – with outstanding in behaviour and attitudes – we are very proud of our setting and passionately believe that we offer your child the best preparation for school, whilst having a fun time and embracing being 2, 3 and 4 !

Nursery is about making friends and learning to be kind, becoming independent learners who can join in nursery routines. We have a challenging literacy based curriculum, where we plan for all areas of learning based around specific quality texts. We teach early maths and phonic skills, in line with schemes used in local schools so children go to school ready to learn in the next step of their journey. We are champions of play, and celebrate the outdoors with free flow into our fantastic playground. We offer forest school sessions each morning, which is fantastic for building the children’s confidence, resilience and self esteem. Our session routine begins and ends with group time, but we manage to squeeze in as much free play as possible to ensure that every child learns through age appropriate play experiences in a challenging and well resourced environment.

We observe all children closely, and feed back on our famly app what your child has been learning and what we identify as their next steps to make sure they are progressing well. We also screen for any speech and language needs, and work with parents on activities to help in their development. We value parents as partners and hope to engage you in lots of activities that will help your child thrive during their nursery years.

Our SENDCO is very skilled in supporting our children, parents and staff in identifying and supporting any additional needs, putting plans in place and making appropriate referrals.

Hot lunches are provided by Chapelford Village Primary School and delivered to nursery, a cold lunch option is also available. 

We also have a very smart jade green coloured uniform – it’s another way of getting your children ready for school, and very practical too.  

We accept government funding for children aged 2, 3 & 4, and also offer private places too. We aim to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs. We offer sessional places of a morning or afternoon, full school days, or indeed full day care too from 7:30 -6pm.

Children can choose any local primary school to attend after our nursery, but we do have a great relationship with Chapelford Village Primary. Their Early Years team are very proactive and come and meet the children at nursery and get to know them before they start. As we approach the end of the preschool year, we make lots of visits to see the classrooms, outdoor okaygrounds, and have snack in the hall so that lunchtime will be more familiar to the children. This makes for a very smooth transition to big school, which helps everyone!

Breakfast & After School Care

Full day care can be offered at nursery. We welcome younger children from school before and after school to our building as part of our Let's Be Kids offer. Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One attend breakfast and afterschool club in the Nursery building and children in year's 3-6 attend breakfast and afterschool club next door in the community hall in Chapelford Village Primary. The children receive their breakfast and a light evening meal along side lots of fun playing indoors and outside with friends. We take school aged children direct to their classroom door through school, and collect internally too. We have a great relationship with school, can pass over messages and work with school and parents to support children. Please see the Let's Be Kids page on the school site or our own website

Holiday Club

We are open for holiday club in line with the holidays at Chapelford Village Primary School. We only close for the week between Christmas and New Year. We offer a short day of 9-3 and a long day of 8-6 during holiday club. Sometimes we get funding for children on benefits related free school meals, where we can offer free holiday club. Our days are packed with fun, making friends with children from all local primary schools. We offer lots of art and craft, making and creating, access to our play provision, and also lots of active play outdoors on our big playground.


To contact us to arrange a visit, please call our Manager Katie on 01925 713220 or email They will be able to answer any questions you may have in relation to joining our waiting list, enrolling, and applying for funding.

Please note, you can only join our waiting list when your child is born and they must be aged 2 to start with us. Joining the waiting list is strongly recommended.

Footprints in the Forest – Forest School

After School Care & Holiday Clubs

About Us

Footprints in the Forest is situated in a small forest on the school grounds and is run by a qualified teacher. We offer childcare after school (school - 6pm), and holiday clubs (8am-6pm). We welcome all children ages 3 and above. 

Children can choose to be active outdoors in the forest or can choose a homely feel inside our cosy cabin. 

We love to see the children develop their friendships, confidence, self-esteem, independence and teamwork while in our care and we love making magical memories that will last a lifetime. Whether your child loves to splash in the puddles or chill inside, there is lots for them to choose from at Footprints in the Forest. 

We work very closely with the school and parents as we believe this is essential to provide the best care for the children. 

Please contact Miss Pagonis on or 07873811881 if you have any questions.

Please view our Facebook page to see activities that the children love while with us: Footprints in the Forest at Chapelford Primary School.

Booking link - You can register and book your child's place here: 

You can also find our virtual tour below:


Please find the link to our information leaflet here: 

Forest School

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There are so many wonderful things that the children, lovely parents and Ofsted say about our setting. We love to work closely with yourselves and your children so that we can provide the best care for them. 



'children arrive at this wonderful forest school with smiles on their faces'

'main priority is to provide children with a safe environment where they can enjoy themselves and learn new life skills'

'partnership working is strong. Excellent links with the host school help to support children's continuity of care'

'parents comment that they could not be happier with the quality of care that staff provide' 


You can see our full report here:

50191350 ( 




Let’s Be Kids is an Ofsted registered setting that provides care for   children at Chapelford Village Primary School, both before and after school.  Children are dropped off and collected at the school building, so parents can rest assured that their children are safe and well looked after. Children from age 2 to Year 2 attend breakfast and afterschool at Chapelford Village Nursery (located next door to school) and children in year groups 3-6 attend breakfast and afterschool club in our Community Hall in school. Both settings have a secure outdoor area, with free-flow access throughout the evening sessions. Let's Be Kids  provide SCREEN FREE settings, focussing on nurturing your child and helping them develop as individuals! They offer sessions from 7:30am until 6pm, during term time. We offer a free holiday club to children on benefits related free school meals each Easter, Summer and Christmas. The nursery next door, Chapelford Village Nursery & Let's Be Kids Out Of School Club, host a holiday club all year round too. Lots of Let's Be Kids children attend, but we are also open to children from all local schools too. Please email or call 01925713220 for details of this holiday club.

Please like our page on Facebook to see what activities we get up to!

Booking your place

To join Let's Be Kids, please look at their website Home ( and press Enquire Now. Alternatively this is the link to make an enquiry using their online platform famly - Famly Please give as much details as you can of what care you may need. 


They will then send you an invite to download the app. You will need to fill in all of the information about your child, update permissions and add at least two contacts, and then you can start to request care from us. You can manage bookings and payments online, and message the office if you have any queries too. You can still pay by tax free childcare up until your child leaves primary school, and they welcome childcare vouchers too. 


To avoid disappointment, we do recommend you set up regular days with Let's Be Kids and you can do this by messaging the office through the family app. They do try to be as flexible as possible - you can request care on an ad hoc basis by pressing request care on the app. This is charged at a slightly higher price and may not always be guaranteed as it will depend upon staffing on the day. They will always try their best. You must agree to the clubs’ terms and conditions and follow their policies and procedures.

A bit more about Let's Be Kids ...

A child led setting

Let’s Be Kids prides itself on having the children at the centre of its work. The children have helped create menus, have decided the rules, self-police, and choose their own resources. Their input means that they feel part of the club, and they take pride in how it is run. Let's Be Kids value independence and encourage the children to do for themselves as much as is possible, like making toast and pouring their own drinks.

The value of play

Play is an essential part of childhood. Children learn through play. They develop social skills, enhance their speech and language, develop cognitive skills, and work on both their fine and gross motor skills. It is not ‘just play’. It is an essential part of childhood, and sadly we see it slowly decreasing as time goes by. Let’s Be Kids gives that opportunity for children to access a quality play environment, to make friends and have time to play and choose what they want to do. They have the freedom to select from a range of resources and are supported by skilled adults. Play is a way to express ideas, manage stress and process emotions. The children build relationships with children across the school. They learn to resolve conflicts, support each other and work as a team. The children challenge themselves, solve problems and take risks. They have found parents report an increase in confidence and self-esteem. Most of all, the children have fun, laugh and giggle. This is what childhood should be about, letting kids be kids!

Healthy Food

The children prepare themselves a healthy breakfast, of cereals or toast. They sit and chat, and they help each other. We have a menu of mostly hot food, with fruit and a yogurt every evening, freeing parents to offer a snack before bed and make the most of that quality time of an evening. The children assess how hungry they are and choose which sitting they would like to be on to share a ‘family meal’ at the tables together.

The children often offer to help prepare the food, and some insist on washing the dishes! We do as little as we can as adults, skilling the children up so they can be as independent as possible.


At Let's Be Kids there is a Play Leader and many playworkers. All of the staff have significant experience of working with children and comply with EYFS requirements for registered childcare. They are very nurturing and are passionate about providing the best care for children. Staff are expected to undertake professional development training and are all DBS checked.  They maintain a staff/child ratio in line with Ofsted guidelines.

The Owner/Manager has extensive childcare experience and is a Level 6 Early Years Professional, as well as a Level 3 Forest School Leader.

Working with Parents

At Lets Be Kids, we are firm believers that children achieve more when all who care for them work together. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with parents from the start. We know how important it is for parents to be able to trust others with the care of their children, and endeavour to only ever provide the very best  care. You will get a thorough handover of how your child has been, what they have enjoyed and eaten. We will   always be honest with you and encourage an open relationship and an open door policy, where you can come to us with any issues.  We will always try our best to resolve any problems you may have.

Working with school  

Let's Be Kids has an excellent relationship with Chapelford Village Primary and feel very much part of the school community. Their service is fully supported by school. We work together in the best interests of the children. We share information on triumphs and achievements, and even work together to manage any issues the children may have. The children are safe on school premises, and we walk through school safely and sensibly. It is a seamless transition between school and Let’s Be Kids. We can follow what the children are learning to plan fun activities. The children can access all of the extra-curricular activities offered by school, and be dropped off afterwards to Let’s Be Kids. Messages and letters are sent between school and parents and vice versa.

What Parents Say

My daughter has many opportunities to develop her creativity and talents through sport, music and creative arts. The team do a wonderful job caring for my daughter. I feel privileged to have such a great support system on school grounds helping parents trying to balance working with young children’ Miss H

My daughter absolutely loves Let’s Be Kids and has settled really well. After two weeks I really feel like you know her well and know what’s important to us as a family. She talks constantly about the activities that she does. She bounces out of bed each morning and has complained bitterly about being picked up ‘too early’. We think you are doing a brilliant job! Mrs H

My son was really nervous but he’s now happy and looks forward to attending every day. I have been so impressed with how personable and approachable Jenna and the team are—my son comes home smiling and happy every afternoon which for working parents is such a relief knowing he’s had such a good time.  Mrs O

Really happy with my child's progression, he has come on so much since September and now runs in to school happy and smiling to start his day. Parent Questionnaire Autumn 2022

A brilliant service offered, with friendly and caring staff. Parent Questionnaire Autumn 2022

After school club has been so important to us. Knowing that my son is safe and most of all enjoying himself has been so incredibly important and reassuring. Thank you Let's Be Kids Team. Parent Questionnaire Autumn 2022.

What Ofsted say

The highest priority is given to promoting children’s emotional well-being’

‘Children and their families develop a strong sense of trust’

‘Relationships are very strong; they settle very quickly’

‘Children of all ages enjoy their time at the club and are often reluctant to leave. They have a clear sense of belonging and confidently explore the interesting activities, indoors and outdoors ‘

What the children say

'I love Let's Be Kids!'

'I like that we can do what we want and play with friends'

'I like looking after the little ones'

'It's nice to relax and have fun after school'

'We have so much stuff to do'. Children's Questionnaire 2022

'The staff are nice and kind' Children's Questionnaire 2022

'Q: How could we make it better? A: Nothing it is perfect'. Children's Questionnaire 2022

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Jenna and the Let's Be Kids team

Let's be kids - Poster

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