Term Dates 2023- 2024




Autumn Half Term 1 Wednesday 6th September 2023 Friday 27th October 2023
Autumn Half Term 2 Monday 6th November 2023 Wednesday 20th December 2023
Spring Half Term 1 Thursday 4th January 2024 Friday 9th February 2024
Spring Half Term 2 Monday 19th February 2024 Thursday 28th March 2024
Summer Half Term 1 Monday 15th April 2024 Friday 24th May 2024
Summer Half Term 2 Monday 3rd June 2024 Friday 19th July 2024

Inset Days

Friday 1st September 2023

Monday 4th September 2023

Tuesday 5th September 2023

Friday 24th November 2023

Wednesday 3rd January 2024


Bank Holidays

Easter weekend is from Friday 29th March 2024 and Monday 1st April 2024 which falls within the April Break

May Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 2024

Term Dates 2024-2025




Autumn Half Term 1 Wednesday 4th September 2024 Friday 18th October 2024
Autumn Half Term 2 Monday 28th October 2024 Friday 20th December 2024
Spring Half Term 1 Tuesday 7th  January 2025 Friday 14th February 2025
Spring Half Term 2 Monday 24th February 2025 Friday 4th April 2025
Summer Half Term 1 Tuesday 22nd April 2025 Friday 23rd May 2025
Summer Half Term 2 Monday 2nd June 2025 Friday 18th July 2025

Inset Days

Monday 2nd September 2024

Tuesday 3rd September 2024

Friday 22nd November 2024

Monday 6th January 2025

Monday 21st July 2025


Bank Holidays

Easter weekend is from Friday 18th April 2025 and Monday 21st April 2025 which falls within the April Break

May Bank Holiday Monday 5th May 2025


Opening Times for Key Stage 1 (Infants) and Key Stage 2 (Juniors)


Please note Key Stage 1 Assessments for Year 2 will commence during the month of May 2023.

For Key Stage 2 SATS Assessments will commence Monday 13th May through to Thursday 16th May 2024. Please avoid any absence during this week.

Term Dates 2025/2026

Term Date of Opening Date of Closing
Autumn first half term Wednesday 3rd September 2025 Friday 24th October 2025
Autumn second half term Monday 3rd November 2025 Friday 19th December 2025
Spring first half term Tuesday 6th January 2026 Friday 13th February 2026
Spring second half-term Monday 23rd February 2026 Thursday 2nd April 2026
Summer first half-term Monday 20th April 2026 Friday 22nd May 2026
Summer second half term Monday 1st June 2026 Friday 17th July 2026


Additional Closure Dates Closed
Tuesday 2nd September 2025 INSET DAY
Monday 5th January 2026 INSET Day
Monday 4th May 2026 Bank Holiday
Monday 20th July 2026 INSET Day
Tuesday 21st July 2026 INSET Day
Wednesday 22nd July 2026 INSET Day



Holidays In School Time

Term time holidays have become one of the major reasons for absence from school. Contrary to popular belief, there is no entitlement to ten days off for family holidays. What the law actually provides is that in exceptional circumstances Headteachers may authorise up to ten days’ absence for the purpose of a family holiday. All Warrington Headteachers have agreed that, unless exceptional circumstances can be proved, any absence for a family holiday in the future will be treated as an unauthorised absence.

Please write to the Headteacher with any requests for absence for holidays during term time. Further advice can be found on the Department for Education website at http://www.education.gov.uk


Holiday List

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