At Chapelford Village we have a diverse range of families and 22 different languages are spoken through the school. We want to use our website to provide a wealth of information and resources to support both pupils and families to learn to speak English.

Alongside this, as part of our commitment to celebrating and embracing the diversity of our school we want to celebrate and learn even more about the cultures through our school. Parental contribution and communication with the school is a valuable tool, and we have a number of ways parents can get involved including our PTA - ChaPTA and our parents forum. If you would like more information about these please email

EAL - Key Documents

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On this page you will find a range of interactive links and printable resources to support your child in continuing their English learning at home.

Twinkl - Free EAL resource pack

Learning Village - Free printable resources

Flash Academy - Free home learning resources

The EAL Academy - Free Resources

British Council - Learn English Kids games

World Stories - Sharing stories in multiple languages


The Bell Foundation have also released some Parental Involvement guidance that can be found and downloaded in a number of languages here.


On this page you will find links for local support and resources for adults looking to learn English as an additional language:

Local Support

Warrington Borough Council - Support for Hong Kong British Nationals

Hong Kong Well UK - A guide to settling in the UK

Hong Kongers in Britain - information for families from Hong Kong with BNO visas

Warrington Ethnic Communities Association (WECA)

Northwest Regional Strategic Migration Partnership (RSMP) - Home Office funded organisation hosted by Manchester City Council.

BOLOH - Barnardos BAME helpline

Polish Centre for Education and Culture Warrington - support for Polish Nationals in Warrington


Learning to speak English

BBC Skillswise - English for Adults

Barclays - Life skills for families

Oxford Language Club

Linguapress - learn English grammar

English Page - Online English lessons

EFLnet - free English Learning Resources for adults