Let’s Be Kids is our fantastic breakfast and after school provision based in the Community Hall in the school building. We offer breakfast sessions from 7:30am and after school sessions until 6pm, taking the children to and from school and allowing parents and carers to work longer than the traditional school day.

Let’s Be Kids is a play environment, staffed by a workforce of playworkers that are exceptional at facilitating a quality play environment, and always meeting childrens individual needs and interests. We have a range of toys and play equipment, as well as a fantastic outdoor area that allows for free play, physical challenge and endless opportunities to use our imaginations. Art and creativity runs through our sessions, with children developing their ideas and creating lovely designs to take home with pride.

Let’s Be Kids is a very nurturing environment, where children choose how they spend their time. We build confidence and self esteem and work on the child as an individual, challenging them to grow and instilling kindness, patience and friendly behaviour.

We pride ourselves on being a screen free environment – which makes the children play ! In a world where technology is increasing rapidly, we make children use their social skills and make friends and play – letting them be children and having a childhood to treasure and remember!

For breakfast, we offer a range of cereals and toast with various toppings. On Mondays and Fridays, we have pancakes and fruit, with hot chocolate too. After school, we offer a light meal such as beans on toast, soup and a roll, pizza, hot dog etc with fruit and yogurt. This should take the pressure off you to cook a full meal after work.

Since Covid-19, we have organised our setting to mirror the year group bubbles that school have, with the exception of a year 5 and 6 bubble due to numbers. We play and eat with our year group friends, inside and outdoors. Each bubble has their own resources and equipment, and we wash hands and sanitize throughout each session. We aim to keep staff of the bubbles as consistent as possible. We hope this reassures you that we are taking all reasonable measures to ensure your child’s safety throughout the pandemic, and enable you to return to work knowing they are safe, well cared for, and of course having fun !

You can register your family at https://letsbekidslimited.schoolipal.co.uk. You can book and pay for your sessions online, and we welcome payment by tax free childcare and childcare vouchers too so you can save money on your fees.

We do offer flexible bookings on an ad hoc basis but as we are so popular, we really recommend booking your regular space to avoid disappointment. We will open our club for September 2021 in May 2021. Please like us on facebook and you can see all of the fun we get up to and the types of activities we provide. You will get updates about when clubs are released to book.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Email : chapelford@letsbekids.co.uk

Telephone : 07515024703 or in club hours 07395834694


Let's Be Kids

Let’s Be Kids is an Ofsted registered setting that provides care for   children at Chapelford Village Primary School, both before and after school.  Children are dropped off and collected at the school building, so parents can rest assured that their children are safe and well looked after on the school premises. We have a secure  outdoor area, with free-flow access throughout our evening sessions. We are a SCREEN FREE setting, focussing on nurturing your child and helping them develop as individuals! We offer sessions from 7:30am until 6pm, during term time and have now launched a holiday club too. Please like our page on Facebook to see what activities we get up to !

Booking your place


Please register your family on our booking system following this link.  If you need a regular session before or after school, please email Jenna on chapelford@letsbekids.co.uk or call 07515024703. These places  are subject to availability. We are full on some sessions but we do operate a waiting list.

You can book and pay for ad hoc flexible sessions for the current half term and for holiday club online using the link above.

You can pay by cash, bacs, debit/credit card, childcare vouchers or tax free childcare. You must agree to the clubs terms and conditions and follow our policies and procedures.

A bit more about Let's Be Kids ...

A child led setting

Let’s Be Kids prides itself on having the children at the centre of it’s work. The children have helped create menus, have decided the rules, self-police, choose their own resources. Their input means that they feel part of the club, and they take pride in how it is run. We value independence and encourage the children to do for themselves as much as is possible, like making toast and pouring their own drinks.

The value of play

Play is an essential part of childhood. Children learn through play. They develop social skills, enhance their speech and language, develop cognitive skills, and work on both their fine and gross motor skills. It is not ‘just play’. It is an essential part of childhood, and we see it slowly decreasing as time goes by. Let’s Be Kids gives that opportunity for children to access a quality play environment, to make friends and have time to play and choose what they want to do. They have the freedom to select from a range of  resources, and are supported by skilled adults. Play is a way to express ideas, manage stress and process emotions. The children build relationships with children across the school. They learn to resolve conflicts, support each other and work as a team. The children challenge themselves, solve problems and take risks. We have found parents report an increase in confidence and self-esteem. Most of all, the children have fun, laugh and giggle. This is what childhood should be about, letting kids be kids!

Healthy Food

The children prepare themselves a healthy breakfast, of cereals or toast. They sit and chat, they help each other. We have a menu of mostly hot food, with fruit and a yogurt  every evening, freeing parents to offer a snack before bed and make the most of that quality time of an evening. The children assess how hungry they are and choose which sitting they would like to be on to share a ‘family meal’ at the tables together.

The children often offer to help prepare the food, and some insist on washing the dishes ! We do as little as we can as adults, skilling the children up  so they can be as independent as possible.


We have a Manager and Deputy Manager, and a mixture of qualified and unqualified playworkers. All of our staff have significant experience of working with children, and comply with EYFS requirements for registered childcare. They are very nurturing and are passionate about providing the best care for children. Staff are expected to undertake professional development training and are all DBS checked.  We maintain a staff/child ratio in line with Ofsted guidelines.

The owner/manager has extensive childcare experience and is a Level 6 Early Years Professional, as well as a Level 3 Forest School Leader.

Working with Parents

At Lets Be Kids, we are firm believers that children achieve more when all who care for  them work together. We pride  ourselves on the strong relationships we build with parents from the start. We know how important it is for parents to be able to trust  others with the care of their children, and endeavour to only ever provide the very best  care. You will get a thorough handover of how your child has been, what they have enjoyed and eaten. We will   always be honest with you, and encourage an open relationship and an open door policy, where you can come to us with any issues.  We will always try our best to  resolve any problems you may have.

Working with school  

We have an excellent relationship with Chapelford Village Primary and feel very much part of the school community. Our service is fully supported by school. We work together in the best interests of the children. We share information on         triumphs and achievements, and even work together to manage any issues the children may have. The children are safe on school premises, and we walk through school safely and sensibly. It is a seamless transition between school and Let’s Be Kids. We can follow what the children are learning to plan fun activities. The children can access all of the extra curricular activities offered by school, and be dropped off afterwards to Let’s Be Kids. Messages and letters are sent between school and parents and vice versa.

What Parents Say

My daughter has many opportunities to develop her creativity and talents through sport, music and creative arts. The team do a wonderful job caring for my daughter. I feel privileged to have such a great support system on school grounds helping parents trying to balance working with young children’ Miss H

My daughter absolutely loves Let’s Be Kids and has settled  really well. After two weeks I really feel like you know her well and know what’s important to us as a family. She talks constantly about the activities that she does. She bounces out of bed each morning, and has complained bitterly about being picked up ‘too early’. We think you are doing a brilliant job ! Mrs H

My son was really nervous but he’s now happy and looks forward to attending every day. I have been so impressed with how personable and approachable Jenna and the team are—my son comes home smiling and happy every afternoon which for working parents is such a relief knowing he’s had such a good time.  Mrs O

What Ofsted  Say

The highest priority is given to promoting children’s emotional well-being’

‘Children and their families develop a strong sense of trust’

‘Relationships are very strong, they settle very quickly’

‘Children of all ages enjoy their time at the club, and are often reluctant to leave. They have a clear sense  of belonging and confidently explore the interesting activities, indoors and outdoors ‘

What the children say

'I love Let's Be Kids!'

'I like that we can do what we want and play with friends'

'I like looking after the little ones'

'It's nice to relax and have fun after school'

'I like doing the morning wake up dance before we go to class'

Let's be kids - Poster

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