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Year 1 Documents

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In Year One we gradually move from the continuous provision children are used to in Early Years and formalise our approach to learning.

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Phonics Screen 

The phonics screening check is a statutory assessment that is administered to all Year 1 students in England. The check is designed to assess the ability to decode and read words using phonics knowledge.

The check consists of 40 words - 20 real words and 20 non-words (or alien words). Children are asked to read the words aloud to a teacher, who records their responses. The phonics screening check is designed to ensure that students have a secure grasp of phonics knowledge, which is essential for developing reading fluency and comprehension. The check is also used to identify children who may require additional support in phonics, so that they can receive further targeted support.

Further Information

Parents - Ruth Miskin Literacy


Parent video: Reading the Set 3 sounds and words with your child - YouTube (


In Year One we love to learn - take a look at what we have been doing over the years!